Caleb and Adrienne Strait

We are a couple that loves God and we have a heart to pass that on to the next generations. We have been married 27 years, enjoyed raising 3 children, and are entrepreneurs. Ministry has always been part of our life in some form. We believe everyone is called to disciple new believers and younger generations.

SHC Young Adults Class meets on Wednesdays at 6:30pm with different monthly emphasis on Christian living.  The class is taught by a different set of mentors within our church family every month. Some topics covered are marriage,  finance,  time management,  sin, conflict resolution,  etc. We will have a few fellowships through out the year to build loving relationships.

Colton and Morgan Turner

Welcome! We have been married almost 12 years and have one son. We both serve on the worship team as worship leader and the drummer. We will let you guess who is who, haha! Our greatest desire is to live by example while serving others. We have faced many struggles together and we know that we would not have made it through without the love and support of our church family. We strongly encourage you to become a part of a small group and find a place to learn and serve with others in church. Your church family is truly one of your biggest assets in life.

Please consider joining our Young Adults Class as we lead during the month of April. We meet Wednesday evenings at 6:30. Our focus will be on “Adulting” and Godly Time Management. Do you ever say, “I just can’t get everything done!” We’ve all been there, and we want to talk about it with you!